Double D Taxidermy

Animals Starting at 
Aoudad $650.00  
Axis Buck $675.00  
Blackbuck $550.00  
Catalina $600.00  
BlesBok $750.00
Eland Bull $1,400.00
Fallow Buck $675.00
Gemsbok $800.00
Ibex $600.00
Red Lechwe $800.00
Mouflon $600.00
Scimitar Horned Oryx $800.00
Scimbok $800.00
Zebra $950.00
Texas Doll $600.00
Black Hawaiian $650.00
Corsican $650.00
Painted Desert $650.00
Whitetail $600.00
Mule Deer $700.00
Elk $1,100.00 
Red Stag $950.00
Antelope $600.00
Wildebeest $1,200.00
Pere David $950.00

Dry Tans Price on Request
European Mounts Price on Request 
European Mount Dipped Price on Request 
Varmint life-Size Mounts Price on Request      
Birds Price on Request

Prices shown are shoulder mounts. Please add an additional $75-$150 for wall pedestal mounts. A deposit is due when the animal is brought in with the remaining balance due upon completion. Upon completion, mounts left over 30 days will start to accrue storage fees unless prior arrangements are made. 

Its best to skin and cape the animal as soon as it is killed. Keep the hide cool or double bag and freeze it until delivered to us. Bacteria will grow and hair slippage will occur if the hide is not kept cool or frozen. I cannot accept trophies that have not been properly cared for. 

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